Fri, 13 Dec 2019

Four years warranty for the whole Multistrada family starting from November

Created to satisfy the desire to travel without restrictions and boundaries, the Multistrada is ready to expand your horizons of freedom.

Now Ducati offers you a 4-year warranty on all models of the Multistrada family with the 4Ever Multistrada warranty.

Increasingly strict and prolonged testing, improved production processes and advanced numerical simulations have enhanced the reliability of the 1260 and 950 models to the highest level ever.

A warranty without frontiers that Ducati can offer thanks to the solid growth of the global dealer network. A team constantly trained to handle your Ducati with the same care it receives when it is designed and assembled in Borgo Panigale. 

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4-year warranty

4Ever Multistrada is the 4-year warranty available for all Multistrada models. Compared to the standard 24-month warranty already offered by Ducati on new bikes, it adds another 24 months of coverage.


The 2-year additional warranty is free of charge and is included in the price of the motorcycle.

No mileage limit

There is no mileage limit.

Roadside Assistance included

The roadside assistance is included for the entire duration of the additional warranty in the countries where this service is available and at the same contractual conditions of the standard Ducati Warranty (24 months). An essential condition is complying with the scheduled maintenance at the authorised Ducati dealer network.

All Multistrada models included

4Ever Multistrada is valid for all Multistrada 950 and Multistrada 1260 models from Model Year 2020 on.