Fri, 13 Dec 2019

Free BikeTrac On Selected Models

  • Ducati support MCIA SECURED programme
  • 4 star rating for Ducati models fitted with BikeTrac as standard
  • Ducati models fitted with BikeTrac eligible for 15% discount with Ducati Insurance

Ducati are backing an MCIA initative to produce a security rating system for motorcycles in the UK.

Motorcyclists are becoming more conscious of the security features of motorcycles when making their purchasing decisions. Many motorcycles on sale today come equipped with a variety of anti-theft measures, but until now there has been no clear and concise way to compare these important features on different models.

For these reasons MCIA, the association that represents the PTW and Powered Light Vehicle industry, with the support of Ducati UK has introduced MCIA SECURED.

MCIA SECURED is a rating programme that awards a star for each recognised security feature fitted to a PTW. The more security features included as standard by the manufacturer, the more stars, up to a maximum of five for motorcycles and scooters of 125cc (or 11kW for electric power) or over.

The elements that qualify for the MCIA SECURED five-star rating are: 

  • A steering lock that meets the UNECE 62U standard
  • An ignition immobiliser system
  • A forensic marking system
  • An alarm system
  • A vehicle tracking system

The first three of the above comprise the three-star rating requirements for light motorcycles and scooters. As part of Ducati UK’s support for this initiative, Ducati will supply and fit as standard a BikeTrac unit to selected larger capacity bikes.

The Ducati models that will now be fitted with a tracker and therefore receive a 4-star MCIA SECURED rating include: 

Models fitted with a BikeTrac fitted may also be eligible for a 15% discount through Ducati Insurance:

Ducati models that do not have a BikeTrac unit fitted have a 3-star rating.